Why Trade Forex?

Trading opportunities in bull and bear markets


Why Trade Forex?

Forex is very popular in the world and people's interest is growing day by day because its benefits are easy to understand because.

  • 24*5 in a week
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Trading Opportunity in Bull and Bear Market
  • Trade Higher End with Lesser Capital
  • Peerless Liquidity
  • Extensive Market Range

24*5 in a week

Forex trading is quite different than other type of trading as it is available in 24*5 environments. Since forex trading is traded by all over the world, forex trading market is open for 24 hours in a day. You can trade as per your convenient time.

No Hidden Cost

Trading cost at FX Tray is included in the spread and there are no hidden charges or trading fee. You can easily estimate the cost how much you trade.

Trading Opportunity in Bull and Bear Market

Forex market enable trader to get trading opportunity when market is rise or turn to negative and there is no additional charges for doing such kind of short selling.

Trade Higher End with Lesser Capital

Forex market allows you to earn leading position in the forex market by investing a fraction of capital. You can increase your profit percentage but remember it can also take you in loss. So be aware and advised to understand the risk associated with forex trading.

Peerless Liquidity

Forex is the one of the higher liquidity market in the world as its daily turnover touches the unmatched figure $6.6 trillion. such liquidity result often in more actionable price like other financial market and traders can respond immediately to currency fluctuation whenever it occurs in 24*5 working environment.

Extensive Market Range

Forex market enables newbie to gain exposure of the trading of the world market. As most of the trading is done on world's major currencies and you also have access to trade on world emerging market like Polish Zloty and Mexican Peso.