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What is Spot CFD Trading?

Spot CFD defined an agreement as buying and selling trading contract for difference for immediate delivery. It is the way of speculating the financial market including share, forex, commodities and indices without having the ownership of assets.

Spot CFD enable traders to trade on immediate basis or current price.

How do I trade Spot CFD?

Trading with spot CFD is quite simple just follow the steps to make trade.

  • Open trading account
  • Find trading opportunity
  • Take your trading position
  • Close your trade immediately

Why Trade Spot CFD?

  • Apply leverage:
    Gain great trading exposure with no capital on immediate basis.
  • Diversify with ease:
    Get an exposure of variety of market and assets.

Why Trade Spot CFD with FX Tray?

Advanced risk Management:
Reduce spot CFD trade risk with our effective trading strategies including updated assets performance.

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24*7 Supports:

Avail our all time support service to succeed in Spot CFD trading.

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