Discover your trading opportunity with popular stock indices

What Is Indices Trading?

Indices trading refers to the trading of a particular group of stocks which represents an index. There are many indices available to trade which indicate the performance of a sector or commodities or country. Indices traders can trade on either one or more depending upon their strategy.

Spot metal Few popular indices are DJIA, DAX, NASDAQ 100 and FTSE 100. Indices are indicators only and they cannot be traded directly hence derivatives such as Index futures, CFDs are used to trade in Indices.

At FX Tray we offers CFDs on all major Indices including SINGNIX, AUS 200, HK 500 and many more providing our clients various options to choose from. Traders can trade bio-directionally to get benefit of Bull and Bear market both.

Why one should go for Indices Trading?

  • CFDs on Indices are leverage products so you only need to utilize a small amount to get exposure of a much larger market.
  • Stock risk can be avoided trading in Indices as it represents the larger contribution of stocks.
  • Indices trading brings you an opportunity to hedge your positions offering you much better risk management.
  • Cost of trading Indices is much lower compared to the equities. It makes Indices trading more economical resulting in good profits.
  • Indices cannot go bankrupt as is the case with companies. If a stock in indices gets bankrupt it is replaced with another stock providing investors a safer trading experience.

Why Trade Indices with FX Tray?

  • We offers you commission free trading in Indices.
  • Make profits from rising and falling markets utilizing Bio-directional opportunity.
  • CFDs on major global Indices help you diversify your portfolio instead of the risk from a single stock.
  • FX Tray offers you the best leverage enabling you to trade in Indices with a small investment.
  • FX Tray presents you the most advanced trading platform with excellent features like Copy trading and personalized Robo-trading.