Trade spot metals with FX

Discover potential profit opportunities in the metals market

What is Metal Trading?

Metals are one of the instruments of financial market. Metal trading is the process which allow traders to buy and sell in the metal markets with an expectation of profits resulting from the fluctuations in the market. This trading is facilitated by an online trading platform such as MT5.

Spot metal trading is an exchange of Gold and Silver spot price with the major currencies like XAGEUR (Silver against the Euro) or XAUGBP (Gold against the British Pond). Traders predict the price direction using various charts and depending upon their analysis place the trades.

Metals markets being very liquid and flexible provide traders ample of opportunities to make good profits from their trades.

Why one should go for Metal Trading?

  • Fluctuations in metal market is initiated from demand & supply which keeps their intrinsic value stable.
  • Metal markets allow traders to go long or short making it easier for traders to earn in both the directions.
  • Metals provide traders more flexibility and liquidity creating larger scope of earnings.
  • Precious metals can work as a savior in case of market turmoil.
  • It offers traders an option to diversify their portfolio managing Risk & Reward equation.

Why Trade Metals with FX Tray?

  • Access to world's most popular precious metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum.
  • Account leverage up to 1:500.
  • Regulated and trusted Broker assistance across the globe.
  • Commission free trading.
  • Option to customize your strategy and automate your trading.